Building My Race Car.

Two years ago I made the commitment to build a street stock race car with my grandpa.  Now, building a race car and maintaining it throughout a season is very challenging.  There are just about one million things to do before you can even drive the race car it feels.

Late nights out in the garage until 3:00am grinding on a bare frame rushing like mad men to get the car together so we could go racing, bending hundreds and hundreds of feet of steel tubing, fitting, tacking, and eventually welding the whole cage together.  Oh and I forgot to say that constructing the roll cage is the easiest part.  It’s the inner tin work, putting the motor and tranny in, front end alignment, and rear end installation that are the lengthy part. But that’s not even close to everything that needed to be done.

At times during the build of my 3100lbs, 475 horse power race car I thought I didn’t want to do it anymore because of all the work.  I had absolutely no social life what so ever while  building my car.  Despite the lengthy amount of work that had to be done I pulled through and finished my car.   My grandpa is the main contributor to the success of my race car.  He has been doing it his whole life, and he knows what it takes.  It takes determination, commitment, and most of all passion.

People don’t dirt track race for the money, because there’s not really any money to win in dirt track racing.  People dirt track race because it’s in our blood, it’s what we love to do.  There’s just something about the smell of the race fuel, hearing the engines roar, and watching the cars go around and around that makes me keep coming back.  It’s like an addiction to me.  Despite the thousands of hours, and thousands of dollars, there is nothing I’d rather do with my summer weekends than race.



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